Students getting their bake on!

CTS - Foods Courses

We can now offer Foods CTS courses to our students. We will start with teaching Food Basics and move on from there. There are many courses to choose from. Each course gives students 1 credit towards their High School Diploma or Completion Certificate.

These students are working hard on their ribbon skirts!

CTS - Sewing

We are able to offer sewing courses to students. This year students have made ribbon skirts and will soon be making pajama pants! These courses are also 1 credit towards High School Diploma or Completion Certificate.

Art and Design

Students are able to work on Art 10, 20, 30 (5 credits each) and other Design CTS (1 credit each) courses. Art is an important part of students academic journey as it allows them to express themselves through a variety of projects.

The beautiful view from our school!

Flex Program

This program allows all Northland students to complete academic high school courses. We offer this program to students in over 10 communities within Northland School Division. We aim to support students through their academic journey by offering support and a safe flexible learning environment. Students must be in Grade 10 and up and no older than 19 when starting. Contact the school principal to see if you are eligible to register at our school!

Dual Credit Courses with McEwan University

Students are enrolled in University courses and are supported by the staff here at Career Pathways as well as an educator from McEwan University. This program allows students to see what it could be like to attend universtity while earning credits towards a degree or program of their choosing.