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Tessa Dagenais appointed Principal at Northland Online School and Career Pathways School

Northland School Division (NSD) is pleased to announce the appointment of Tessa Dagenais as the Northland Online School and Career Pathways School Principal. Tessa, who has been with NSD for eight years, has been teaching at Northland Online School since it launched in 2021. 

“The Board congratulates Tessa on becoming the new Principal at Northland Online School and Career Pathways School,” said Cathy Wanyandie, Board Chair. “Northland continues to invest in supporting aspiring school leaders. Tessa has put in the work and has earned this opportunity. Being able to achieve excellence in leadership is essential to achieving our number one priority which is excellence in learning.”

“Tessa has the leadership qualities and the skills we look for to support the instructional focus areas in the Northland School Division,” said Cal Johnson, Superintendent of Schools/CEO. “She brings a lot of energy and learning experiences that align with areas of focus for NSD. Congratulations Tessa!”

“I am excited to take on this important leadership role with Northland Online School and Career Pathways School,” said Dagenais. “I want to personally thank Northland School Division for all of the professional learning opportunities and continuing education support. It has given me the confidence and the skills needed to be a school principal. I can’t wait to continue working with the Northland Online School staff and families and establish new relationships with staff, parents/guardians, and community members in Wabasca-Desmarais.”

Tessa’s career with NSD began in 2015 at Anzac School and Bill Woodward School. From day one with NSD, she has demonstrated leadership qualities, an ability to teach a variety of subjects and a willingness to learn, adapt and teach with the latest technology tools. The leadership qualities Tessa demonstrates resulted in her being called upon to serve as the Acting Principal for Anzac School - Bill Woodward School and Northland Online School on occasion. 

Since those experiences, she has put in the time and effort to prepare for school leadership responsibilities. Tessa earned a Master of Education from the University of Victoria and is working towards completing the Leadership Quality Standard and coursework associated with the NSD Aspiring Leadership Cohort.

Ms. Dagenais also volunteers her time to support school sports, recreation and wellness. She has volunteered with the Fort McMurray Sports and Athletic Association, Health and Physical Education Council, Anzac Recreation and Social Society and the NSD Wellness Committee.

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